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Pearl Grey Guinea Fowl Chicks Unsexed

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All exotic chick purchases are subject to a fee of $2.40 per head for shipping and handling.  The fee will be charged upon pickup of the chicks.  Pickup date will be between May 24-27th (to be confirmed).

**DISCLAIMER** All chicks are available for PICK UP ONLY in KAKABEKA on the specified dates that they come in.  Delivery is not available.


The Pearl Grey Guinea fowl has dark gray plumage speckled with rows of tiny white spots, giving it a beautiful and distinctive appearance. This is the traditional and most common variety of Guinea fowl. These small birds are one of the most overlooked allies you can have in your garden, orchard or pasture. Lively and alert, Guinea fowl will know when something is amiss in their territory, and they will make a racket. Despite this, they are calm and gentle toward their owners when raised from keets. They are also great foragers and will keep ticks, grubs and worms away from your grass or garden.

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