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Tyrannosaurus Rex

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  • FUN FACTS: Tyrannosaurus Rex means: "Tyrant Lizard king". Tyrannosaurs Rex had 50 saw-edged, pointed teeth. Their skin was the same texture as an alligator.
  • PALEONTOLOGIST APPROVED: Working with experts from across the globe, Collecta hand-painted figurines are all factually accurate and paleontologist-approved, so little ones get to learn while they play.
  • AUTHENTICITY: Each prehistoric sculpture has been approved by Anthony Beeson, a well respected expert in palaeoimagery who is also an art librarian, archaeologist and collector, based in the city of Bristol, England.
  • DELUXE 1:40 SCALE: Each of the Collecta Deluxe models comes with a little plastic palaeontologist know as "Sir Arthur Gauge". Sir Arthur comes complete with pickaxe and binoculars and provides scale for each model. This really allows the size of the Tyrannosaurus Rex to be appreciated.
  • PRODUCT SPECS: Deluxe Tyrannosaurus Rex measures 12.5" L x 6" H making this a relatively large model, but one that can still be held comfortably by the hands of a small child. This terrifying dinosaur is dramatically posed and sure to impress children and collectors alike.

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