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FURminator Bathing Brush for Dogs & Cats

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Product Information:

Loosens Pet Hair for better penetration of shampoo and conditioner.

Helps promote shiny coats
For Dogs and Cats

Press Button
To dispense the product into the coat
Open Container
To refill with FURminator® shampoos or conditioners
Loosen pet hair to allow for easier penetration of shampoo or conditioner to the pet's skin
For Dogs and Cats
Helps promote shiny coats

Directions for Use
1. Before using, open container and fill with FURminator® shampoo or conditioner. Reseal container.

2. Similar to your normal bathing routine, wet pet thoroughly, and massage fur and skin with the bathing brush, pressing the button as you go to dispense product into coat. The tool will loosen pet hair and shampoo or conditioner will be evenly distributed into the pet’s hair and skin.

3. Follow shampoo or conditioner directions and rinse as normal.

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