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KONG Catnip Botanicals Valerian/Mint Piglet

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Product Information:

The adorable little plush KONG catnip Botanicals Refillable Valerian Mint Pig will delight your curious cat with its fluffy, soft body and enticing premium catnip scent. The rousing valerian mint aroma is attractive, fresh and lively and the frog has an easy-open pouch for refilling with fresh catnip to keep playtime going. Pull the inner "hidden" flops outside of the toy. Insert/replace catnip. Tuck flaps back in and press firmly to seal. Gently twist the filled toy to release catnip' herbal oils. To maintain maximum freshness, freeze extra catnip until needed. Inspect products frequently. Supervised use only. Discontinue use if worn, loose or torn pieces occur

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