UBite Raw Bits Chicken Dog Treats 45g Dog Food Ubite

UBite Raw Bits Chicken Dog Treats 45g

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Product Information:

Supports a healthy weight and easy to digest
High in protein, low in fat and full of nutrients
Free of Preservatives, Additives, Hormones and Colours
Chicken breast sourced regionally from certified farms in Canada
Cubes of Freeze-Dried Chicken for increased aroma, palatability and taste
Low glycemic meat that maintain low blood sugar and a healthy weight

The most sought after bird on earth for its high nutrient values, lean protein and great taste, Chicken was domesticated as far back as 2000 BC largely for its eggs and meat. Not only does Chicken provide a high quality protein diet, it also supports a healthy body weight in companion animals.

Carnivorous by nature, Ubite believes dogs should eat a diet rich in meat to thrive, like their ancestors before them. To be true to their needs, UBite has developed pure Farm Fresh Chicken Raw Bits using freeze-dry technology to lock in nutrients and give them a taste of the farm and the nutrition they require. The special freeze-drying process retains the nutrients, aroma, taste and colour of specially selected Farm Fresh Chicken from its raw state in a safe easy-to-handle format, which can be fed as a treat or added to kibble.

UBite takes great care to keep your pet’s best interest at the top of mind through each step in their preparation from the selection of premium quality Farm Fresh Chicken to the in-house freeze-drying and packaging processes undertaken to SQF, HACCP and GMP certifications. You can be confident that when you treat with Raw Bits, you are giving your pet the highest quality treat possible prepared by pet lovers under the most stringent safety standards in practice today.


Crude protein (min) 80%
Crude fat (min) 7%
Crude fibre (max) 1%
Moisture (max) 5%

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