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Chick Season 2023

Chick Season 2023 General information: 
This season we are offering a large selection of exotic poultry, ducks and geese. We also have a selection of standard egg layers and meat birds with multiple arrival dates. All birds arrive as day olds. 

Delivery Dates:  
For Exotic Breeds: Chicks will arrive April 16th. All ducks arrive May 14th. These days will be confirmed with you on the phone prior to pick up days.  

For Standard Egg Layers and Meat Birds:

Kakabeka Pickup: APRIL 11 & 25, MAY 9 & 23 JUNE 5 & 19 JULY 11 AUGUST 15 SEPTEMBER  12

Atikokan Pickup: APRIL 26, MAY 24 JUNE 20 SEPTEMBER 13

Please Select your pick up date at the check out. 

Pick up is in 
Kakabeka or Atikokan. Please select your pick up location at the check out.
 If you are not prompted with pickup location please include it in "notes."

If you would like to do your order on the phone or have any issues please call #(807)622-3567  

Shipping and Handling Costs (to be charged upon pick-up):  

Standard Egg Layers and Meat Birds 

  5 -   25 birds: $19.50
26 -   50 birds: $36.50
51 -   75 birds: $49.50
76 - 100 birds: $68.50


Beak Trim is $0.16 a chick

Exotic Breeds:

Chicks $1.95 per head
Ducklings: $3.40 per head
Goslings $4.60 per head

There is a minimum order of 2 birds (can be mixed breeds)

 Small Order Charge of $8 for any order under 10 birds (min order is 5 birds)

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