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Columbian Rock X Chicks

Columbian Rock X Chicks

  • $3.15 - $4.15

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The Columbian Rock is a popular choice for those wanting a dual purpose, heritage bird for both meat and brown egg production.  Columbian Rocks are a member of the Plymouth Rock family.  They are a very attractive bird that has white feathering with black flecks in the neck, saddle, wing, and tail feathers, with the tail being more prominently black than that of the body.  Columbian Rock chickens have a yellow skin color with yellow legs and beak, and red facial coloring.  Hens are a very good producer of large brown eggs and males grow into nice sized birds for meat.  The Columbian Rock is a very sweet mannered bird and make great show birds.

*All chicks vaccinated for Marek's Disease


Bulk Pricing 1-19 20-49 50-99 100+
Rhode Island Red x Columbian
Non-Sexed (as Hatched)
3.35 2.85 2.35 1.85
Rhode Island Red x Columbian
Pullets (Female)
4.15 3.65 3.15 2.65
Rhode Island Red x Columbian
Cockerels (Male)
2.15 1.65

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