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Spectrum GloFish Aquarium Kit 10 Gallon Aquatic Spectrum Brands

Spectrum GloFish Aquarium Kit 10 Gallon

  • $133.89 - $133.89

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Product Information:

Low-profile hood with LED energy-efficient lighting
Unique combination of white and blue LED lights give both GloFish® and tropical fish a vibrant look
Includes Tetra® Whisper® Power Filter with cartridge, 50-watt aquarium heater and thermometer, fish food and water conditioner
Set-up guide also included

Aquariums are fun, relaxing, rewarding, therapeutic and educational. As manufacturers and fishkeepers ourselves, we take great pride in making top quality products while helping educate our fellow fishkeepers to ensure they are successful, and their fish are healthy and happy. The general rule for tank size is one inch of fish per gallon. However other factors should be considered, such as:

How large will the fish be as an adult?
Is it species that is active and needs larger space? Or is it a solitary fish?
Is it a schooling fish that needs to be in groups of five or more?
Is it a fish that produces a lot of waste?
Is it a species that is aggressive, does best with others of the same species type, or is it a more peaceful type that would be a good fit in a community tank?

Small aquariums are a great way to get started in the freshwater hobby, and with any new hobby involving living creatures, it is always best to learn as much as you can. And when buying fish, ask your retailer for guidance in choosing the right fish for your size aquarium.

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