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Spectrum GloFish LED Light Stick 8" - Blue Aquatic Spectrum Brands

Spectrum GloFish LED Light Stick 8" - Blue

  • $41.59 - $41.59

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Product Information:

The GloFish 8" LED Light can be easily added to any aquarium to create the ultimate GloFish environment. This waterproof LED light can be used with any glass canopy or light hood and feature simple clips that fit into the front of your aquarium frame. Each light set include a Blue LED Light, Frame Clip, two Cord Routing Clips, a Light Switch and a Low Voltage Transformer.

Universal Use
Add to any framed aquarium
Use one for 5-10 gallon aquarium
Use two for 20-55 gallon aquarium
Use with any light hood or canopy

Sizes Available:

This product comes in the following sizes: 8" stick (10 gallon)

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