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SureFlap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Flap Brown Cat Supplies SureFlap

SureFlap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Flap Brown

  • $263.99 - $263.99

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Product Information:

- Set exit permissions for each pet to keep specific pets indoors using DualScan technology
- Safety mode – indoor-only pets can gain entry if they escape through an open door or window
- Prevents intruder animals entering your home, including added protection against raccoons
- Works with all common identification microchips and SureFlap RFID collar tags (not included).
- Up to 12 months battery life (4 x AA batteries not included)
- Simple one button programming – it’s easy to change your cats’ permissions at any time
- Manual lock stops your cat leaving or entering the house. Set to in-only to enable your pet to come indoors without being able to get out again
- Low battery indicator light flashes red when the batteries start running low giving you plenty of time to change them

How it Works:
Program your cat’s microchip at the touch of a button. Use the safety learn mode for indoor-only cats so they can get back in if they escape out an open window.
Set entry and exit permissions. Choose who stays indoors and who can leave with DualScan™ Technology.
Intruder animals can’t get in. The cat flap remains locked for unwelcome cats and wildlife.
Install the cat flap in a door, window or wall. Accessories are available for window and wall installations.

Cat Flap Mounting Adaptor:
Required for glass and wall installations, this product can be used with the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap or the DualScan Microchip Cat Flap. When mounting in glass, this accessory allows mounting in circular holes with a diameter of 212mm (min) to 260mm (max). The total diameter of the mounting adaptor is 285mm. Using the mounting adaptor for wall installations enables you to install the cat flap more easily because you can use it to fix the cat flap to the wall without the need for messy adhesives. The Cat Flap Mounting Adaptor includes two parts, one for the exterior and one for the interior of your home.

Cat Door Tunnel Extender:
For wall installations, tunnel extenders can be stacked together to create a longer approach tunnel to the SureFlap Microchip Cat Door or the DualScan Microchip Cat Door when it is installed in a wall. The Cat Door Tunnel Extender fits snugly onto the 2¾" long tunnel of our cat doors. Each tunnel extender adds 2" to the overall length of the tunnel.

Installs into doors, walls or glass:
Designed as a drop in replacement for many existing cat flaps. The two part construction makes it easy to install. Check out the user manual and installation instructions to help you install your cat flap.

Door installation instructions
Glass installation instructions
Wall installation instructions
User Manual

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